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Window shades are practical, easy to use and stylish. They can add color, design, and texture to a room. Blackouts, Solar and light filtering fabrics are the main 3 types of fabric you need to consider, there’s many types of Blackout roller shades, they are designed specifically to block external lights from entering your room, making them ideal for use in the bedrooms, home theaters, or nursery rooms. Solar shades allow you to lower the shade without losing your view, darker fabric and higher openness % proide better outside view.  light filtering fabrics provide privacy and they allow some light through making them ideal for living rooms, bathrooms and play rooms. For added saftey and convenience choose between corded, cordless, motorized or top down bottom up. we are comitted to provide you with the highest level of service to ensure a complete costumer satisfaction.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are easy to operate, easily allowing you to control the amount of sunlight entering your home or office, they offer a great value at a cost friendly fashion and they are available in a wide range of colors, textures and styles , Roller shades offer a fantastic unobstracted view when raised, they are a great fir for any room, they can be corded, cordless, top down bottom up and also motorized. call us and set up a free in home cunsultation, we will bring the show room to you and  assist in finding the best fit for your window treatment needs.

Window Roller Shades
Roman Shades with vast color selection

Roman Shades

 Roman shades offer balance between traditional and contemporary design, with a vast color selection and textures including cotton, polyester,linen and silk. Start from choosing between two fold patterns including the classic pleat fold and the soft fold style, the classic pleat fold style provides a more straight line look, when raised the flat fold stack leaving you with clean lines and when they lowered the horisontal increases creating a bolder look,  soft fold provides dramatic look with folds and gorgeous patterns, like most shades roman shades allow privacy and light control, made from blackout fabrics they can be perfect for bedrooms and media rooms, and the cordless option offering child and pet safety, this shades are available in light filtering or blackout fabrics.

Roman Shades

Our Roman shades will be able to fulfill the wishes and needs of every client who likes pleated shades with a smooth, even texture. While being aesthetically impressive, Roman shades are excellent in keeping your area private from the surrounding environment.

Custom Roman Shades

Bamboo / woven wood Shades

Natural woven wood shades are great if you want to add texture, warmth and dimention to a room, they are made from a natural eco friendly material sure to make your home more intimite and natural, some patterns deliver complete privacy while others allow you to see through, Woven woods shades offer warmth and natural look, they are favorite amongs interior designers, with modern features and great look and with so many colors options you won’t have a problem finding the perfect style for your home, they come standard with a valance that conceles the headrail to make it look extra perfect .

Natural Woven Wood Shades
Motorized, Cordless and Top down bottom up Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb Shades

They are called Honeycomb shades because they look like bee’s honey comb from the side , Honeycomb shades are one of the best option for energy efficiency because of the multiple air puckets that are part of their design, Honeycomb shades are has a full spectrum of opacity and rich textures and pleat sizes, they will keep your house warmer in the winter and colder in the summer, they can be motorized standard, cordless and top down bottom up.

Honeycomb Shades

These types of shades and their construction features allow for maximum energy efficiency. The constant strive for technological advances and innovation at our company makes the honeycomb shades one of our specialties.

Custom Honeycomb Shades

Pleated Shades

Pleated shades offer an affortable option for stylish window treatment, they are similar in appearance to cellular shades but come in a much lesser cost, best descibed as one fabric folded on itself that has pleats that are pressed into it that stay there, you can actually see that the cord is visible between the pleats, the advantage of a pleated shade is that you get a very unique pattern print, you can have all diffrent types of fabrics becuase it’s all one material, so the only diffrence is that cellular shades have an open cell and multiple comb shaped designs visible from the side, while pleated shades have only one fabric and visible cords.

Pleated Shades: Stylish Window Treatment
Illusion Shades

Illusion Shades

Illusion roller Shades also known as zebra shades are quickly becoming our most popular window treatments, they are simple and elegant and you can choose between light filtering, or even blackout fabrics, stripes of fabric across two layers creates the open and closed effect, by alignment of the solid stripe portion of the fabric you can have complete control over your privacy, They are made of two parallel fabrics that complete eachother when needed, few settings are available,  stripe look, full look, or you can easily pull them up for an unobstructed view. You might think they are over your budget but we have an extremely budget frienly cost for illusion roller shades, call us today to schedule a free home in home consultation and we will bring lots of samples and styles for you to choose.

Illusion Shades

Illusion Shades are quickly becoming our most popular window covering. That’s because they offer a sleek look, without being too modern, as well as their ability to be dressed up or down. They are made of soft fabric vanes between 2 sheer facings. The sheer facings soften the incoming light and filter out harmful UV rays. When louvered, these shades have a striking striped look.

Illusion Shades: Most Popular Window Treatments

Blackout Shades

Blackout shades are designed specifically to prevent an outside light from entering your room, they are ideal for bedrooms, family rooms and media rooms, another advantage of using blackout fabric, is the energy effiecency they provide by blocking light and heat from entering your room, blackout fabrics also have higher noise absorption capabilities and they are available in various colors, textures and styles,  to provide 100% darkness side panels are recomendded for 100% darkness,  give us a call to set up a free consultaion, we will bring the show room to you and measure your windows and provide you with an unbeatable quote.

Blackout Shades: 100% darkness
Solar Shades West Palm Beach

Solar Shades

Solar shades are extremely popular for a number of reasons. They stop glare on your t.v or computer, They also block harmful UV rays from entering your room and detroying your furniture while also allowing some light through, Solar shades are also great if you want to keep your favorite view outside cause you can see through them, the darker the solar fabric the better the view will be, solar shades are available in a variety of openess levels , the higher the precentage the better the view will be , we offer 1%, 3%, 5% and 10% openess levels and many colors to choose from,  give us a call and ask for our free in-home consultation, we will bring the show room to you and we will take measure so we can give you our cost friendly quote.

Solar Shades

High performance solar screen fabrics are designed to outperform light and dark fabrics when a project requires excellent heat control, glare control, UV protection and view through characteristics.

Panel track blinds

Sliding panel track blinds are fantastic way to cover doors , they are more modern looking then the vertical blinds and they really go great on big windows of doors, but one draw back is that because the panels are so wide that even when you stack them together you’ll still have 1 panel visible blocking part of the window,  there’s a way around this if you want your full window to be visible, what we do is we make the track longer then the glass door frame, like that you’ll be able to stack them away from the door and all the glass will be exposed , like this only one panel will stay visible and it won’t block any part of your window and allow you to maximize your view. sliding panel track blinds are a much better compared to vertical blinds cause they don’t flap in the wind and make noise, with panel track blinds there’s lots of fabrics to choose from such as solar fabrics, blackouts fabrics and light filtering fabrics.

Panel Track Blinds Miami

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