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When it comes to design, innovations, and techniques, we boast some of the finest drape and curtain products on the market. Our drape fabrics range from silky to coarse and offer a wide selection of textures and colors. Curtains, drapes, curtain panels, window scarves, you name it – we will deliver. Our products are designed to fit any of the areas in your home from your living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. Consider using our free-of-charge services such as our consultations and installation. Our company keeps with the latest trends in drape technology and can offer you the service of motorizing your drapes as well as advise you on fashionable trends in the world of drapes.

Make Them Yours

Naturally, this is not about us. It’s your contribution that we value the most and aim to implement in your future product. The style, fabric, and hardware are yours to choose. The possibilities are endless – you can combine elegant, textured hardware with smooth, wavy drapes, or you can set a darker tone for drapes to contrast your pastel-colored windows. Add a stylish curtain rod to go with it and you’re all set. At Fifty Shades and Blinds we are open to every single one of your suggestions. We will be happy to help you if you have any concerns regarding your visions’ implementation in reality.

We Are Ready To Help You

If you are a novice in drape design, we will always be at your service to help you with the selection. Choosing the right style, fabric, and hardware that would compliment well with the existing elements of the area can sometimes be a challenging endeavor – that’s what we’re here for. Set up a free consultation right now to start making your vision a reality.

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We offer various types of window treatment designs and fabric styles from over fifty brands including solar shades, blackout shades, motorized shades and custom shades. Make an appointment and let us help you install the latest in window treatments!

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